Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Python 3.6.5rc1 is now available for testing

Python 3.6.5rc1 is the first release candidate for Python 3.6.5, the next maintenance release of Python 3.6.  While 3.6.5rc1 is a preview release and, thus, not intended for production environments, we encourage you to explore it and provide feedback via the Python bug tracker (  3.6.5 is planned for final release on 2018-03-26 with the next maintenance release expected to follow in about 3 months.  You can find Python 3.6.5rc1 and more information here:

Attention macOS users: as of 3.6.5rc1, there is a new additional installer variant for macOS 10.9+ that includes a built-in version of Tcl/Tk 8.6.  This variant is expected to become the default variant in future releases.  Check it out!