Monday, April 11, 2011

Meet the Team: Tarek Ziadé

This post is part of the "Meet the Team" series of posts, which is meant to give a brief introduction to the Python core development team.

Name:Tarek Ziadé
Location:Turcey near Dijon, Burgundy, France
Home Page:

How long have you been using Python?

Around ten years

How long have you been a core committer?

Since December 21 2008

How did you get started as a core developer? Do you remember your first commit?

I started as a core developer in order to maintain Distutils and make it evolve.

My first commit as a core developer was a fix for small bug in a distutils feature I proposed before I became a commiter. That feature was added the week before in Python. It's the ability to configure Distutils' register and upload commands to work with several pypi-like servers.

I committed with my brand new rights on Wed, 24 Dec 2008, which happens to be my birthday, and also the 17th anniversary of the 0.9.4 release of Python.

Which parts of Python are you working on now?

In the stdlib: sysconfig, distutils, packaging (to be added in 3.3), shutil, pkgutil, and occasionally in other modules

What do you do with Python when you aren't doing core development work?

I work at Mozilla in the Service team, where I build web services using Python

What do you do when you aren't programming?

I read comics/graphic novels, write books, play with my kids, drink wines with my wife, and try to renovate my 1848's house.